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 AverLogic AL582 Reference Design - Wireless HDMI Presentation Switcher


It is still common to see that people take turns to do their presentations using the same projector cable in a meeting. However, AverLogic has a reference design which can solve this inconvenience now.

Wireless HDMI Presentation Switcher looks like a set of dongles with multiple transmitters and one receiver. Transmitter dongles go with presenters’ NBs, and 1 receiver goes with projector (the projector should be ceiling mounted). As long as pressing the “Present Key” on one presenter’s dongle, the one can transmit his presentation files (ppt or pdf) or video to projector for display wirelessly.

Key Features

  • Transmits HD quality HDMI input audio/video to remote receivers wirelessly.
  • Plug and Play setup: Easy to install and no need any software.
  • Supports up to 4 transmitters connection, and fast switching to select the receiving sources at receiver.
  • H.264 HD compression.
  • Auto pairing and auto connection.
  • Smart bit-stream management algorithm provides optimal performance of video quality and connectivity. And Presentation mode and Video mode.
  • 20-meter transmission range.
  • Ready-to-use module design with comprehensive software development kit.