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AL582C-HDMI-DMB-A2 HD Audio/Video Sender (Transmitter and Receiver)

 AverLogic AL582 Reference Design - AV Sender


This turnkey solution development kit, AL582C-HDMI-DMB-A2 is designed to transmit HD video and audio signals wirelessly. It has two components, a transmitter board and a receiver board. The transmitter board sends video and audio from a signal source equipment to the receiver board through Wi-Fi 5G frequency. IR Blaster function is supported for remote controllers. The IR remote signals can be transmitted from receiver to transmitter.

Key Features

  • Wireless board supports Wi-Fi 5GHz/2.4GHz dual bands frequency
  • Up to 35 meters of transmission distance
  • Full HD 1920x1080@60 fps video input/output resolution
  • H.264 HD 1280x720@30 fps compression
  • Low latency for video transmission
  • Loop through HDMI output port on transmitter
  • IR remote control from receiver side to transmitter side
  • Independent display resolution at TX and RX side



  AverLogic AL582 Reference Design - A/V Sender
AverLogic AL582 Reference Design - AV Sender block diagram