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AL582 5G HDMI Wireless AV Sender through AP Router

The only Wireless AV Sender Reference Design that supports AP Router function

AverLogic Reference Design - AL582


This DEMO board is designed to transmit HD video and audio signals through wireless AP router (Wireless Access Point Router). It has two components, the transmitter board and the receiver board.

The transmitter board sends video and audio from a signal source equipment to the receiver board through Wi-Fi 5G frequency. IR Blaster function is supported by remote controllers. The IR remote signals can be transmitted from receiver to transmitter.

Key Features

  • Wireless 5GHzHz transmission with AP Router
  • Full HD 1920x1080 @60 fps video input/output resolution
  • H.264 1280x720 @30 fps compression
  • Loop through HDMI output port on transmitter
  • IR remote control from receiver side to transmitter side
  • Independent display resolution at TX and RX sides
  • 35+35 meters of transmission (related AP router’s ability)
  • APP setup for AP Network connection

AverLogic Reference Design - AL582