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  AL700 Quad Video Processor (EOL)

Functional Description

AL700 is a 4 channel QUAD-screen video controller that can accept digital video input sources, provides 2 analog output ports, 2 digital output ports, and memory direct access mode allowing images to be uploaded onto a PC. AL700 not only supports 4 channel 8-bit ITU-R-656 4:2:2 interface inputs, dual 8/16-bit digital outputs for successive process and dual analog (TV encoder embedded, not for AL701) video outputs for TV, Camcorder, VCR, etc. SDRAM memory is supported via a direct video frame buffer interface. Through I2C serial or proprietary parallel bus, fully programmable register set allows flexibility of control of video window overlay, OSD display, input channel select or output source select.
OSD (On Screen Display) windows provide overlay of various graphics images such as Pop-up menu, logo bitmap or message text, etc. Other functions provided by AL700, such as PIP (Picture In Picture), 2X zoom with vertical and horizontal interpolation, anti-rolling and motion detection, can increase the value and power of a security system design. Averlogic’s proprietary digital and analog signal processing technologies create a high quality tear free, flicker free and anti-aliasing display. The AL700 provides a cost-effective solution for all applications of security related system.


  • Video Surveillance System / DVR
  • Video Quad/Splitting Processor
  • Car Rear Vision System

Additional Information

  Reference Kit
AL700C-EVB-A2 (Video Quad Display product with EVB)
  Replacement Chip
AL362 (4K 4-Channel Video Processor SOC)


  • Accepts NTSC, PAL and SECAM video formats
  • Supports 4 independent 656/601 8-bit video inputs
  • Supports multiplexing function for 2 channels using one decoder
  • Provides 2 independent 656/601 8/16-bit digital outputs
  • Provides 2 independent S-video/Composite analog video outputs
  • Picture location selectable
  • Supports PIP (Picture-In-Picture) function
  • Supports programmable picture overlay and layer priority
  • Displays picture at arbitrary channels of 1,2,3 and 4
  • Provides channel switching without rolling
  • Freeze individual channel
  • Provides video loss detection and motion detection
  • 2X zoom with vertical and horizontal interpolation
  • Provides embedded OSD (On Screen Display) and supports external OSD function
  • Supports BMP image overlay and Non-fixed font display
  • Provides fading effects for OSD overlay
  • Supports various types of video decoder and 1Mx16 or 4Mx16 SDRAM
  • Supports registers programming via I2C serial or proprietary parallel interface
  • Supports uploading image data onto PC
  • Provides horizontal image mirroring
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