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H.264 Video Streaming SOC
  AL582 H.264 Audio/Video Codec

AverLogic’s AL582 is a multi-functional video streaming SOC. It includes video compression codec, SD card controller, WiFi controller, embedded DDR memory, embedded MCU, video processing engine, RGB DAC and TV encoder.

The AL582 features a stable, well-defined developer interface to help with timely, efficient development to get your product on the fast-track to market.

AverLogic AL582C block diagram
Additonal Information
AL582C Brochure
Reference Kits
AL582C-EVB-A0  (AL582C Evaluation Kit)
Reference Designs
5G HDMI Wireless AV Sender through AP Router
Car Side View Camera Display
Wireless HDMI Presentation Switcher
HD AV Sender
Wireless Video Scope
Wireless HD Automotive Camera/Display


  • Embedded MCU80251 (OS not necessary), H.264 encoder/decoder
  • Data and Control Interfaces: SDIO for SD card, SPI for Wi-Fi/RF module, Low voltage detection for battery, UART, interrupt and GPIO for MCU user interface control.
  • H.264 720p codec, scaling, de-interlacing, format conversion, video freeze, zoom, flip, mirror, rotation, motion detection and more.
  • Inputs: RGB888, BT.1120, YCbCr, BT.656
  • Outputs: RGB888, BT.1120, YCbCr, Analog RGB DAC, CVBS
  • Video Baby Monitors
  • Wireless Security Cameras
  • Car Camera & Traffic Recorder
  • Medical and Repair Scoping
  • Door Phones
  • AV Senders
  • Walkie-talkies
  • Toy Applications
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