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AL362 - 4K 4-Channel Video Processor SoC
  4K2K Ultra HD video converter and image processor
AverLogic New Product AL362 application
Functional Description

AverLogic’s AL362 is a fully programmable 4K2K Ultra HD video processor for Quad View / Multiple Display / TV Wall applications. It is a multi-channel video stream System-on-a-Chip (SoC) that supports Flexi-Port and multiple streams inputs with multiple graphics/video formats capable and mixing captured frames output with overlaying, alpha blending effects, etc. It can be used for most of the video conversion and image processing applications.
AverLogic AL362 application - TV Wall
TV Wall- 4K2K 30p to 1080 60p x4

Above block diagram illustrates a possible way to support quad video splitting to multiple display output for TV wall display.
AverLogic AL362 application - Quad Display
AL362 application - Quad Display
Quad Window 4K2K 30p/1080 60p Output Display

Above block diagram illustrates a possible way to support four 1080p video input driving one 4K2K 30p in quad window display.
Additonal Information
AL362 Brochure
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Reference Kits
AL362B-EVB-A0 HDMI-to-HDMI Quad Box Evaluation Kit
AL362B-EVB-A1 AHD-to-HDMI Quad Box Evaluation Kit
Turnkey Solution
4K HDMI Quad Multiviewer
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  • Supports 64-bit 4-port Inputs and 2-port outputs with different video contents.
  • Supports varieties of SD, HD video input combinations, such as dual 24-bit, quad 16-bit, quad 8-bit for video convert to designate video windows/switching plus alpha blending output with OSD.
  • Supports digital RGB/YUV raw data, BT.656, BT.1120 input or 4x clock multiplexing data timing at maximum 150Mhz clock rate.
  • Configurable Flexi-Port supports odd/even pixel and Double-Data-Rate (DDR) bus interface for industrial video ASIC, such as HDMI transmitter/receiver, solutions (no glue-logic required) in high resolution video design, such as UltraHD 4k2k applications.
  • Supports window composition of multiple input videos, such as PiP, PoP and quad display for maximum 4k2k input/output resolution.
  • Allows cropping/splitting input video as sub-window for multi-display outputs.
  • Video processing engine supports varieties of video manipulations, such as D1 de-interlacing, timing base conversion, cropping, Image freeze.
  • Supports Character (font), Icon-Based and 8-bit Bitmap OSD overlay.
  • Embedded 8051 MCU and setup chip configuration via i2c bus.
  • Supports SPI for firmware download.
  • Cost effective, low power (1.8V core & 1.8V-3.3V I/O) in 249-pin Lead Free (PBF)
  • LFBGA package, small foot-print design principle
  • Video processing for PiP, PoP, Quad video view and conversion up to 4K2K resolution
  • Video Cropping/ Splitting to multiple display output for TV wall and digital signage display
  • Multi-view and Quad display for surveillance monitor
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