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AL260C-EVB-A8- TV box solution with PAL tuner (w/AL242) (EOL)



The AL260-EVB-A8 is an evaluation board used to demonstrate the highly integrated Video Enhancement capabilities of the AL260 IC. It
supports video input with multiple video formats and can output with De-interlacing and Scaling effects .It can be used for most video conversion and processing applications.

The AL260 is equipped with a high quality scaling engine that automatically maintains full screen output display, regardless of resolution of the incoming signals.

Employing AverLogic’s proprietary scaling algorithm, the primary input
video can be scaled up and scaled down independently in horizontal & vertical directions. It also provides film detection, advanced de-interlacing, filtering, and scaling that can convert and process into interlaced video to be
displayed on progressive panels.

AL260 has a built-in 3-channel DAC for non-interlaced analog output and also
24-bit digital output.


Applications for the AL260C Chipset

  • LCD TV
  • DTV & Front Projection/Rear Projection/Progressive Scan TVs
  • TV to PC Monitor Format/Scan Rate Converter
  • Video Enhancer/TV Tuner box





  • Non-interlaced RGB output; applies to CRT and LCD MONITOR (analog
  • Supports PAL /D/K, PAL /I and NTSC TV standard, can receive CATV and radio vision program, receives full supplementation television, receives channel scope: DS1-57CH, Z1-38CH (870Mhz full channel TV channel). For PAL tuner, it can receive standard Analog Cable TV channel 2 through channel 136.
  • Preset programmable channels: Supports at least 100 channels (depending on the size of EEPROM, can reach up to 255).
  • Video input (include AV & S-video) supports PAL, NTSC, PAL-M, PAL-N, NTSC-443, SECAM.
  • Fully functional for remote control unit.
  • Simplified Chinese and English OSD display.
  • OSD background mode adjustment (NOP, OR, AND, XOR).
  • Support TV/EXTERNAL VGA switch.
  • Power saving mode at VGA input.
  • Audio input channel switch and volume control.
  • Output resolution :
    800×600@60 Hz,
    800×600@75 Hz,
    800×600@85 Hz,
    1024×768@60 Hz
    1024×768@75 Hz
    1280×1024@60 Hz.
  • Motion compensation adjustment.
  • Output resolution adjustment.
  • RF matching impedance: 75 ohms
  • Power consumption: <=8W


AL260C-EVB-A8 User Manual

AL260 chip information

AL242 chip information