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  AL250 Video Scan Doubler IC (EOL)
Functional Description

The AL250 Video Scan Doubler (De-Interlacer) is a video conversion chip for consumer video and multimedia applications. It converts interlaced NTSC or PAL, ITU-R BT 601 (CCIR601) or square pixel, YUV422 or RGB565 digital signals into computer monitor RGB signals for direct connection to a computer monitor or progressive scan TV.
Additional Information
AL250 Flyer
AL250 Brochure
Replacement Chip
AL360A (Full HD Video Conversion SOC)



  • Convert interlaced YUV/RGB (NTSC/PAL) into non-interlaced RGB format for CRT or LCD monitors
  • Highly integrated design with built-in DAC, SRAM, OSD and LUT
  • Built-in on-screen-display with programmable bitmap
  • Advanced digital line interpolation with no tearing or jagged edge artifacts
  • Reduced interlace flicker
  • Auto NTSC/PAL detect
  • Digital video input of square pixel, ITU-R BT 601 (CCIR 601), or user-defined format
  • I2C programming interface
  • Internal RGB video lookup table (LUT) to provide gamma correction
  • Overlay support for title making and complex on-screen display
  • Self-initialization without software (Plug & Play)
  • TV Ready Multimedia Computer Monitor
  • TV to PC Video Scan Converter Box
  • Progressive Scan TV
  • Video Game Station
  • DVD Player
  • Portable VCD Player
  • LCD Monitor w/VGA Input
  • Video Based Set-top Box
  • LCD Projector


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